The trickling sound makes  and feels me like a kid,i need the scent of rain immensely . My love towards rain  starts  from my school days,I will not bunk my school bcoz no classes 🙂 and u can see the rain in a closer view .  whenever i go to my native place ,i should say wowwwwwww to the rain 🙂 🙂 :-),we have a very big  open ground in my village ,where i can see the extensive part of it and enjoy 🙂  going a long walk in the drizzling rain is a divine pleasure.

I wonder the sound of rain, it will work like an orchestra making different sound at different things .sometimes it makes me  feel like someone knocks my door and smoothly  fades off .loooooooveeeeeeeeee playing in rain ,personally who doesn’t like rain  is missing some chirpy moments in life. having a sip of tea with a good view of rain is something we always forget to enjoy .rain

I don’t mind getting wet,feel like it washes away all evils from me.At times it makes my life special 🙂 🙂 🙂 My first crush ,first date 🙂 my wedding and my lil angel arrival everything happened  in a rainy day 🙂 so obviously rain takes part in all of my happy occasions ,hey rain I want you to keep going like this 🙂 have u tried to do a paper boat sail in the rain water,kids of these days missing that bliss ,but i want my little darling to explore the rain completely 😉

The extreme part i like in the rain is it washes away all possible wastage’s thrown by us , we urban people is polluting the clean rain with our garbage’s .So throw all your Wastage’s in Dustbin and stop litter .

Let Our Mother Earth Takes A very clean Rain 🙂

We will  all  welcome the rain with big open hands  🙂 throw away the umbrellas and enjoy the rain with great extent 🙂


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